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My second novel Nothing Blooms in the Shade is available for order here.



Lori hasn't left the house in two years.

She avoids her neighbors.

She lies to her daughter.

Her beloved garden is her only solace.


When Lori's secret is revealed, she is forced to face her worst fears. With the help of two women from the Native Plant Society and the dashing man who delivers her gardening supplies, can Lori battle her agoraphobia and build the life of her dreams?

An uplifting story of hope and acceptance.


My debut novel is available for order here.

**Information about the sequel coming soon!**

A story of friendship, midlife magic, and nature.



After 14 years making maps at TerraPlaya, every day feels like a Monday to Lucy. Just when she resigns herself to an uninspired existence, her reality is shaken when a mysterious woman joins her team. Lucy soon learns that the world is full of magic, and not everyone is using it for good. In the blink of an eye, her world changes from a corporate cubicle to battling dark magicians. With the help of her new friend Maya, can Lucy save the creatures of the enchanting Sienna Falls Forest from destruction?

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